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For my part I work in a IT service startup Pixium Digital and we are about 10 in our Singapore office and opening a new office with 3-4 people in Nice, France. Having worked in a big company before I was tired of all the politics and huge chain of commands which sometimes can leave you stuck waiting for days. Working in this startup has been an amazing experience!

  • Got to learn a lot of new tech as everyone has to contributes on projects
  • Had the chance to learn many new things since we work in many different areas of IT
  • Having open space offices eases communication ( I can talk to my boss directly)
  • We can easily organize company events where everyone can come and space isn't limited. (try hosting 300 people events at a restaurant)
  • My boss is always open to new ideas which makes it easy to suggest trying new things.
  • One of the things I love the most is if I show interest and dedication my boss will not hesitate to try and ask more of me. (giving me my own team, project etc)

Startups are always tricky as the atmosphere can be either very toxic or very amazing. But for my part I am very happy I decided to travel half the world to be in Singapore at Pixium Digital.

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