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Cristina Ruth

Hello all, I'm Cristina and I have been in tech for 6 years now since I graduated college. I started as an intern, worked my way up the ladder and I'm now a senior dev and lead a team of devs through various development projects from start to finish.

Nowadays, technical skills are on the lower-end of the spectrum for me in terms of learning. I love learning instead about leadership topics and other soft skills like communication, team alignment and working with various people.

Since I started as an intern and wouldn't be where I am today without the mentoring I received, I am a strong advocate for junior dev mentoring, and believe that all companies should expect to hire devs with limited experience and should reserve resources to onboard them and hone their skills.

I also strongly believe in pairing and I LOVE pairing to share knowledge with co-workers or even with the entire team, as applicable.

I found my way here from twitter about how this is a welcoming community. I am looking forward to getting to know the DEV community more and hope I can contribute in some way 😄

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Jesse M. Holmes

Welcome, Cristina! Pairing is essential!