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Discussion on: Frontend Development with Docker simplified

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Chris Rhodes

You can also achieve everything in the compose file through cli arguments to docker. I wouldn't recommend using the cli like that though; the compose file keeps things repeatable.

I would recommend people learning docker learn how to use the cli to achieve what docker compose does, it'll help you understand what's going on underneath.

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Gábor Soós Author

Can you share the equivalent cli command? I would share it in the article

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Paul Gabriel
docker run -v `pwd`:/app -p 8900:8900 node:12 sh -c "npm install && npm start"

In general, even though it might sound rude, but is pretty exhaustive and should be read first.

Nevertheless your approach to go for a docker compose solution helps to make it better portable also for other users/developer of your code.

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Chris Rhodes

Thank you for covering for me! I only just saw the reply comment. In addition to that you will need -w /app to change the working directory.

For completeness for anyone else reading,

  • -v mounts the volume /app to your current path (pwd gets your current path)
  • -p maps the ports. I would also change this -p localhost:8900:8900 just so it's only accessible from localhost
  • node:12 specifies the container image. Docker hub hosts the iamge
  • sh -c "..." is the command to run on entry