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No 1 BTC to INR Converter | Instant Bitcoin to Indian Rupees

Category: Bitcoin No 1 BTC to INR Converter | Instant Bitcoin to Indian Rupees

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Bitcoin is a world popular cryptocurrency. It is a virtual currency. Millions of traders, trade with Bitcoins daily. Among them, there are a considerable amount of bitcoin traders in India as well. Because there was a high population in the country and there are rapidly developing information and communication technology.

However, more Indians may seek to enter this cryptocurrency market. Following descriptions will be a great support to seekers, beginners and all. Let’s get know about, converting, exchange, rates, transfers bitcoin to Indian rupees (BTC to INR) and other topics related to it.


By responding to a petition filed by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Mumbai said, Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are not banned in India. But it not accepts as a currency in India yet. So, Indians bank also can’t handle or exchange bitcoin or accounts with bitcoin earnings. RBI is under the supervision of these policies under the policies of RBI.

However, anyone can trade and earn with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin without any other limitation. And, bitcoin trading platforms provide options to Withrow Bitcoins as Indian Rupees. This response to the petition filed by the IAMAI was in 2018. It’s clear to everyone. Cryptocurrency mining such as bitcoin is not prohibited, banned or illegal in India.

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