Discussion on: Golang or Rust, that is the question.

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I was having the same debate a while ago and then I started a job that had go as part of its stack so that solved it for me.

A few issues.

Lack of genetics in go can be frustrating they do have interface{} which is equivalent to the object in Java. Its not very clean. They are coming soon though. To be added in the next release I believe.

It's most certainly not functional though you can pass functions around and return functions without any issues.

It's a bit verbose but that being said it's syntax is INCREDIBLY simple and it's super easy to learn. The concurrency and go routines are also awesome.

Rust I barely looked at but I did find they syntax about. It's the next language to pickup for me but so far I'm really enjoying go. It's as enjoyable to write as python though a bit wordy and much much faster.

Everything complies down to a single static fine which is great. Also I find the ability to complile an arm binary on Intel hardware black magic but I love that it works.