Hey Brenda,

I'm sorry that this situation still exists and it's definitely a hard thing for women to be in the software development community.

That being said, it's going to be the women like you that decide they are going to do it anyway, even though they know there is going to be some discrimination, that will ultimately make the difference.

Women should not have to prove this, but, unfortunately, this demographic is unlikely to change it's outlook until enough women do.

It is getting better. There are more and more women getting into this field and more and more men are starting to accept it. It is getting harder and harder for the hard liners in the field to say discriminatory things without being called out on it. The pay gap is closing. Please keep at it.

I can never know just how hard it is or how hard it will be, but your sacrifices will be worth it for the industry and for humanity and hopefully for you.

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