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Discussion on: How to Lead a Remote Development Team

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Cory Tanner • Edited

Great read :) I have been the lead/manager for remote teams for a couple years now and if there would be one thing I would add to the great points already stated would be pair programming/availability.

When working remotely there is inherently less communication like you stated, when you as the team manager/lead make it a point to have availability for pair programming it can do wonders! Almost every weekly team sync (weekly department team sync to discuss interesting features everyone had been working on) I make it a point to note that I would love to pair on any challenging problems in the upcoming week.

Not only does this create a great line of communication between yourself and your team but it creates stronger relationships with everyone. When the team knows they can come to their team lead with challenges without being judged for it you build a healthy team dynamic. As a team lead, having consistent pairing sessions helps you stay in touch with product health and you can better manage the team.

I personally think team leads or managers should be getting their hands dirty (coding) with everyone on the team multiple times a week :)

Also I love that you mentioned a documentation repo! Great documentation can be one of the most valuable tools a team can have (especially for new hires!).

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Thomas De Moor Author

Totally agree, that's a great point Cory!