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Serenity running in parallel - Serenity part 4/4

I'm back with the last part of Serenity, you can definitely check the previous parts in here:
Serenity part 1
Serenity part 2
Serenity part 3

In this blog post, we will go through the setup step for how to run serenity parallel tests with cucumber using maven fail safe plugin with cucumber-jvm-parallel-plugin.

You can definitely check the serenity book for details.

What you will need to do is simply this:

1.POM file:

maven failsafe plugin defined for running parallel test for each test class.


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                            <!-- Mandatory -->
                            <!-- List of package names to scan for glue code. -->

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cucumber jvm parallel plugin to generate runners when you execute test.
Without it , the parallel test won't work.

2.Features file defined for the test:
In this test we will run the test for facebook login page and qcCoccoc login page.

  • feature file for facebook login
  Scenario Outline: User login successfully with correct
    Given Navigate to facebook login page
    When Login facebook with '<phone>' and '<password>'
    Then Should navigate to facebook homepage
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  • feature file for qcCoccoc login

  Scenario Outline: Login successfully with email and password
    Given Navigate to quang cao coc coc login site
    When Login with '<email>' and '<password>'
    Then Should navigate to home page site
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3.Tests defined in cucumber format:

  • For facebook login page:
    private pages.facebook.LoginPage loginPage_facebook;

    @Given("^Navigate to facebook login page$")
    public void navigateToFacebookLoginPage() {



    @When("^Login facebook with '(.*)' and '(.*)'$")
    public void loginFacebookWithPhoneAndPassword(String phone, String password) {



    @Then("^Should navigate to facebook homepage$")
    public void shouldNavigateToFacebookHomepage() {

        WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait(getDriver(),2);


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First user navigate to facebook login page, then after fill in the credential details, we will assert whether the url still contain "login"
text or not.

-For qcCoccoc login page, the step is pretty the same:

public class LoginPage extends BaseTest {

    private pages.qcCocCoc.LoginPage loginPage_pageobject;"^Navigate to quang cao coc coc login site$")
    public void navigateToQuangCaoCocCocLoginSite() {;


    @When("^Login with '(.*)' and '(.*)'$")
    public void loginWithEmailAndPassword(String email, String password) {



    @Then("^Should navigate to home page site$")
    public void shouldNavigateToHomePageSite() {
        WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait(getDriver(),2);


    @Then("^Should prompt with '(.*)'$")
    public void shouldPromptWithErrormessage(String errorMessage) {

        softAssertImpl.assertThat("Verify message error",loginPage_pageobject.getMessageError().contains(errorMessage),true);


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4.Run the tests:

  • To run the test simply using mvn command line

mvn clean verify -Dcucumber.options="--tags @Login"

This will run the cucumber test has tag @Login

  • To run only the facebook test with serenity report, run command line:

mvn clean verify -Dtest=ui.cucumber.facebook.AcceptanceTest serenity:aggregate

Alt Text

You can check out the source code in github

Leave a heart or comment if you have any!!


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Can you show an example for running Serenity UI testing in Jenkins which starts the springboot application in localhost(Jenkins)

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