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Love your grafana graphs. Do you maybe have a blog/repo where we can see how you setup those? :)


No, we don't have any manual for those. It's dashboard for Kubernetes pods built for us by our Ops team.

There is nothing complicated–standard Grafana graphs and standard Kubernetes metrics. So if you have K8s cluster, Prometheus and Grafana, you can build something similar yourself in matter of minutes by using queries like these:

  1. Memory limit indicator (type: “singlestat”)

    avg(container_spec_memory_limit_bytes{pod_name=~"^.*-sidekiq.*", namespace="$application", container_name=~".*sidekiq.*"}) by (container_name)
  2. Memory consumption graph:

    sum (container_memory_working_set_bytes{image!="", pod_name=~"^.*sidekiq.*", namespace="$application", container_name=~".*sidekiq.*"}) by (pod_name)
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