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I can probably weigh in with a certain amount of perspective. I've personally published more than 1,000 blog posts, starting with my own blog and then lots of other sites.

I typically organize a blog post by creating the H2/H3s as an outline and then I just start writing. A 1,200-ish word post takes maybe 45 minutes.

But, if that seems efficient, it's really just due to lots and lots and LOTS of practice, same as anything else.

I think, personally, that the biggest key is just showing up. Virality/popularity is really hard to predict. I've had things that I thought everyone would love meet with crickets and things I debated not publishing go to the top of Hacker News.

FWIW, I'd suggest writing posts with the idea that you're building a body of work, and considering it a bonus if a post takes off.


wow, a 1200-word post in 45 minutes is very fast. but yes. I know and agree that is just a matter of practice.

thanx for sharing your opinion

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