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Discussion on: What are the basic system requirements / Skill set required for learning & Developing Blockchain?

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Damien Cosset

I'll try to answer that. You don't really need anything too special to get started. A understanding of how a blockchain works will obviously help. There are frameworks like Hyperledger that allow you to make something with private blockchains without being a expert, and Ethereum can be used for permissionless, public blockchains. Each have their tools ( the Solidity language for Ethereum for example ), but I believe they can be picked up relatively quickly.

Now, if you wanted to become an expert on the subject, I think you would have to study distributed systems and cryptography. I would probably throw in there some notions of economics ( game theory ).

My 2 cents.

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Sathish Author

Thanks Damien. I already have the answer in me for the question 'What is block chain?'. To also have considerable knowledge in DS & Cryptography as I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Btw, where can I start? Any good resources? How can I propogate through?