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What are the basic system requirements / Skill set required for learning & Developing Blockchain?

My skill sets are :
Node js , PHP & I love Linux.

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

Not a direct answer to your question, but please know WHY you want to work in Blockchain. If your answer is...

  • Because it's popular,

  • Because it's the next big thing,

  • Because it's the wave of the future,

  • Because {cool friend} says it's cool,

  • Because I want to make yet another cryptocurrency,

...then please, please, PLEASE don't "go into blockchain". It's turning into a fad, and its being used for more and more things it is ill-suited for.

In other words, don't just do it because All The Cool Kids Are Doing It.

However, if you have a specific, non-hype reason to learn blockchain, by all means, carry on!

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Kartikey Rai

What if I'm just curious to learn it regardless of the hype because after all it's a good addition to my skill set ? Would love to have your opinion on this

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

Here's the key phrase in what you just said: "...regardless of the hype..."

That's the key difference. It's definitely a good addition to your skill set. Blockchain has valid uses.

Ultimately, the fact it's a fad shouldn't be a reason to ignore a technology any more than it should be a reason to use it. When it comes to using a technology, we should know why; when it comes to learning a technology, we need only a desire to learn it based on our interests, existing skills, or industry sector.

In other words, if the only reason you wanted to learn blockchain was "because it's popular," I'd say it was pretty clear it would be a waste of your time. But since you have a personal interest ("curious") and believe it would be useful in your industry sector ("good addition to my skill set"), that is more than enough reason to learn anything.

Do note, "Because I'm curious" was not one of the answers I listed earlier as an indicator that learning isn't worth it. Curiosity is a valid motivator. I learned FORTRAN purely because I was curious.

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Damien Cosset

I'll try to answer that. You don't really need anything too special to get started. A understanding of how a blockchain works will obviously help. There are frameworks like Hyperledger that allow you to make something with private blockchains without being a expert, and Ethereum can be used for permissionless, public blockchains. Each have their tools ( the Solidity language for Ethereum for example ), but I believe they can be picked up relatively quickly.

Now, if you wanted to become an expert on the subject, I think you would have to study distributed systems and cryptography. I would probably throw in there some notions of economics ( game theory ).

My 2 cents.

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Thanks Damien. I already have the answer in me for the question 'What is block chain?'. To also have considerable knowledge in DS & Cryptography as I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Btw, where can I start? Any good resources? How can I propogate through?