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Discussion on: much to learn!

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damionm101 Author

Thanks for the input.

Markdown itself didn't feel overwhelming (actually pretty intuitive) it's the HUGE number of different languages that seems most overwhelming to me. It's the idea that there are so many different things to learn, and trying to figure out which things to focus on and which to disregard that boggles me.

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Vincent Milum Jr

Game programming is probably the area with the most languages used at once, depending on what style you're going for.

Existing game engines generally use a combination of a programming language for intense code, a scripting language for more general code, a shader language for graphical effects, a language to handle dialog trees, and more.

There are some really awesome game devs who stream their work live on Twitch that you can ask questions to. They can go into more detail about how each of the various game dev topics all come together to create interactive experiences. Right now they're usually under the "Science & Technology" category, but there is an active push to create a dedicated game dev category on Twitch.