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Discussion on: Should DEV allow you to disable comments on your posts?

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Dana Ottaviani

Personally I don't see the problem of giving someone that option if that's their preference.

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Ben Halpern

Yeah, we've had this in discussion for a while and will most likely roll it out in some way, but just have not prioritized thinking through the entire implementation. We just want to hit the nuance of delivering the experience in the right way and provide the alternative options.

The logic being: It's your post. While it totally makes sense for the default to have comments on, we want to give folks agency in their own threads. This is why we have the ability to hide comments and block users. Because we already have some tooling, we haven't wanted to rush this, but I suspect that we'll close the loop on this in an upcoming cycle. With Forem rolling out, we just want to make sure we're doing everything in a way that will apply gracefully to all of the communities and we've been more busy with some of the underlying work.

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Thomas H Jones II

A lot of vendor forums I participate in lack the feature. So, the number of times where some rando unearths a thread that petered out 1-5 years prior is more than I can count on my fingers and toes. It's always like "holy thread-resurrection, Batman!" Two times it's really annoying are:
1) Someone has a question about something that EOL'ed during the previous quiet period
2) When the vendor has hired someone new and have told their new person, "go participate with our community" and the newhire thinks resurrecting threads fulfills that mandate

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Sylvie Fiquet

I'm not convinced disabling comments is a good option for DEV where it's all about the community and where the moderation is efficient.

Forem is by definition more generic and is meant to cater to the needs of other types of communities, so it would probably make sense there, e.g. in a forum dealing with controversial subjects or a small forum with few moderators.

Because it's a good option for Forem doesn't mean it's a good option for DEV. If only a few authors disable comments it won't have much impact. If it becomes widespread, we won't have a community anymore.

Maybe it could be made a configuration option? Allow Forem admins to activate/desactivate it for their community, while keeping DEV discussions alive?