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Hi Stefan.

Are they affiliate links? DEV requires to specify affiliate links to be disclosed.

Reference: 11 Content Policy under Terms of Use

I've been using Workona for about a year and have been great, saving workspaces and switching between each one has been great~

Only complaint is the hidden cached browser, which I can't seem to turn off even with the option.

With the combination of OneTab & Workona, you can definitely save lotcha RAM :)


Hi Sung,

No, the links in this article are no affiliate links. I just added a custom utm_campaign in case one of the companies notices the traffic of my article and wants to talk. :) thanks for the question.

Interesting. Do you still use OneTab now?


Hi Sung,

thanks again for making me aware of the policy. I've added a note regarding affiliate links and will add it to all my existing articles today too.

Enjoy your day.

Thank you, Stefan for the update :)

I still use OneTab, and a lot of times it's to

  1. share multiple links w/ others
  2. Quickly save'em before rebooting

Okay, interesting. I removed OneTab and don't think I will add it again. Enjoy your day.

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