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re: I believe you may have some mis-information. As a long time user of babel and a early typescript supporter it is my experience that configuring ts ...

Thank you, Tommy for sharing your experience.

I can see the benefit of TypeScript and only recently started seeing the benefit that comes with it.

From what I've read, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript so I thought I could've simply wrote React components the same way you do with vanilla JavaScript but didn't go well, mostly because I was too lazy 😓 to learn at the time.

I decided to learn TypeScript to use for React ever since I found this sw-yx/react-typescript-cheatsheet & a nice curated TypeScript learning site 👇

From your GitHub page, it seems like you have a .NET background, as well. I'd love to read/see if you would share what you've learned & learning 🤜.

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