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Danny de Vries on September 10, 2018

JS is here to stay, without you I got trouble. To understand you here is a quick refresher on the basics of JavaScript. We all read this ar... [Read Full]
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This. People get so caught up on the new shiny thing that they forget the very own fundamentals of the language itself. As one guy at work once told me "Whether you're and Angular or React or Vue or whatever else, that doesn't mean sht if you really don't know Actual JavaScript. Be proud of being a JavaScript developer, not a React developer"


A lot of frameworks (especially React) requires you to have strong fundamental knowledge of vanilla JavaScript. That doesn't mean React won't give you some core programming knowledge it's just that a lot of it will be 'magic' if you skip the basics.


It's really nice to see somebody teaching about the fundamental. I hope you have another article for JavaScript workflow. I mean how the web browser treat it. I would love to read it.


That would indeed be a nice topic to write about! A bit more in-depth of how the browser parses and compiles JS.

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