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re: How would this work for HTML though? The only rule for HTML is that tags need to be closed (except for some that are void). All IDE's have HTML for...

The only rule for HTML is that tags need to be closed (except for some that are void).

That's purely Syntax and indeed most formatters will give you warnings about those. But what about semantics? Right tags for the right content or missing alt attributes for example?


I see what you mean. That's an interesting way to help you improve the code quality.

I was working on an open-source tool called TesterBot and the idea was to point out such issues sort of in a post-build test automation. However, I stopped because of LightHouse. Although, I'm contemplating restarting the project when I get some time and sooner if someone else finds it interesting. :o

I was also planning on implementing things listed in the FrontEndChecklist

theoutlander / testerbot

Automatic Front-End Testing


Automatic Front-End Testing

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During development, there isn't enough time to write tests, so our only option is manual testing. We don't need a reminder of how inefficient, time-consuming, error-prone and boring that can get. When we get around to writing test-automations, we spend a lot of time writing tests from scratch. However, most of the test-cases for testing web-applications can be automated and reused.

We created Testerbot to automatically test web-applications during the development process via Puppeteer which talks to Headless Google Chrome.

The basic framework is ready and we have implemented a few test-cases, but we need help in adding more reusable test-cases.

Note: I started this project several months ago and built a SaaS product, but realized that an open-source test automation package will help catch issues quickly during development. I recently stumbled upon and created github issues to automate as many of those…

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