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re: I think by the time linting became a thing, HTML sort of started being treated more like a build target than code itself. I may be offbase, but I f...

I just feel like cleanliness of HTML is not really "a thing".

Isn't that a shame? Or shouldn't we care more about this? Writing semantic and clean HTML is really important for screen readers.


Yeah I agree. At least about the semantic part. It doesn't necessarily have to be human readable if it's more of a build target, but yeah it should definitely be semantic. And in this case, it seems like it should especially be linted. It's no longer about the developer experience here, it's the user experience.

In this way, linters are not like spell check because they're not going to necessarily affect the way the end user "reads" things, but for HTML it would be like a true spell check.

I'm sold.

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