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re: My First 12 hours with Ruby VIEW POST


"The optional paren's was confusing at first, but quickly mentally internalized."

Same. I've gotten used to it now, but I still mostly only use it in tests, where RSpec matchers read more fluidly without parens.

I will say, since starting with Rails around 8 months ago, every time I think about starting a new side project I find myself sad that nothing else seems to give you as much as RoR does out of the box


If we are talking not about Ruby only, then Phoenix.


Once get accustomed (Rails also requires the time to get into its quirks,) one with Phoenix is twice as productive as Rails in my experience.


Thank you for the resource Aleksei, I'll check out Phoenix.

Always welcome; it’s written in Elixir though and runs inside Erlang VM, that makes it way faster and more robust than any Ruby/Python/Node, but please expect some learning curve.

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