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re: Ruby 2.6 lags behind PHP 7.4.3 in all but the binary Tree test These benchmarks make zero sense at all (unless the difference is orders of magnit...

Which three languages? Elixir is definitely [opinionated] better than Ruby by all means.

Elixir, Erlang, and Ruby. I assumed based on your comment that you enjoyed some aspect of each one. If that’s the case, I’m just curious what those aspects might be.

The main are:

Ruby: DSL, metaprogramming abilities in general, method chaining and how enumerables are designed.
Erlang: simplicity, how VM and OTP are designed, ease of concurrency, hot code reload, messages as the process intercommunication.
Elixir: better metaprogramming abilities than in Ruby, more concise syntax than Erlang, plus all the above—the best from both languages.

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