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Discussion on: Don’t pay the for-loop tax

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Dan Homola Author

Thanks for the reply. I'll try to comment on your points:

Ad 1. The tax was originally meant as a real monetary tax (or a fine more precisely) and it was meant as a joke. There were no performance connotations to the word in this context. As others have stated in this thread: if you need performance go for the loops.

Ad 2. I agree, but it hides it from you, and I believe it is a good thing. When reading someone else's code, I'd much rather see a map than some loop because with the loop I have to infer the what from the how whereas with map the what is already written for me.

Ad 3. So can find, includes and some others. Granted these are not as widely supported, they can be polyfilled.

Ad 4. I think that is actually a disadvantage, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should (excluding the performance optimisation scenarios).

I totally agree with you on that any choice should be made with all the implications in mind. The approaches recommended in the article are just that – recommendations :)