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re: This is how I evaluate my potential employer (it works 99%) VIEW POST


I like your points 💯

I've only had a handful of tech interviews where I was the candidate, but a few more where I was part of the interviewing team.

As a candidate, I tend to forget it is a two-way conversation, and I often prepare for the "me being questioned" part but not the "me questioning them" part. So even if I had a good interview experience, I often leave without much to base a decision on, should they offer me a job. (And like you say, it is important to remember that they are offering you a job, and it's up to you to decide if you take it.)

Thinking about my times acting as an interviewer, which happened maybe 3 or 4 times, I don't recall any of the candidates asking any questions they weren't primed to ask. Mostly, they just sat there and waited for us to orchestrate the interview.


I know what you mean. In most of my interviews I was trying to say what the interviewer wanted to hear from me - what makes me an ideal candidate etc.

I guess since the tech industry is really boiling and finding a good professional is really difficult for the recruitment teams, then the candidates should be more suspicious for the place they are going to work for.

Thanks for your comment!

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