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re: Do you mean the expanded_url in tweet.entities.urls? I didn't have this problem 🤔. If you get stuck feel free to put your code on GitHub and I'm ha...

@frontendwizard Just saw your React bot - it looks great! Especially like how you turned the tags into Twitter hashtags. Great work.

Thanks. Yeah, I mean the tweet.entities.urls. For some posts it does not return the url but instead returns a link to the own link. I ended up fetching the tweets on extended mode and checking the title + author on the full_text. Not great but, it works.

I found the problem. You have to ask for the tweets with tweet_mode: "extended" on the statuses/user_timeline endpoint, otherwise you don't always get the posted url. Might be a quirk of the twitter API, I'm not sure about it. Was writing about this when I finally understood the behavior. That's why writing about what you're doing is so important! 😄

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