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re: "Don't Deploy to Production on Fridays!" This one drives me around the bend. Especially the smug self-satisfaction that's exudes from the develop...

The problem with deploying on a Friday is that if something goes wrong after the fact, nobody's there to fix it. By deploying on a Friday you are guaranteeing that any problem will take at least 3 days to be fixed, unless there are people on call (or employees free time is completely disregarded). I don't see anything wrong with advising against that.


I have no problem with you or anyone else choosing not to deploy on a Friday. It's your life, you know your codebase and your production systems better than anyone else. Life is messy and imperfect.

But ...

If you're telling other people not to do it, as some sort of blanket rule, and think that it's an hilarious precondition of working as a developer... I find that really sad. We should be trying to make deployments delightful and easy so that they can happen at 5pm on a Friday without anyone worrying.

If you think that's impossible, I'd ask you to read around the subject and broaden your horizons.

Here, this is Charity Majors, who explains it all better than I can.

Anxiety related to deploys is the single largest source of technical debt in many, many orgs. Technical debt, lest we forget, is not the same as “bad code”. Tech debt hurts your people.

Saying “don’t push to production” is a code smell. Hearing it once a month at unpredictable intervals is concerning. Hearing it EVERY WEEK for an ENTIRE DAY OF THE WEEK should be a heartstopper alarm. If you’ve been living under this policy you may be numb to its horror, but just because you’re used to hearing it doesn’t make it any less noxious.

If you’re used to hearing it and saying it on a weekly basis, you are afraid of your deploys and you should fix that.

(Charity is my hero)

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