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How to avoid frustration while learning something new

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Daily we will face wars of ego, fr able, discouragement. However, we cannot let that win us over. Close to bedtime, I was doing something when the frustration trigger suddenly went off. But, I remembered the very agreement I made with myself to go through moments like this.

To perhaps make you understand a little more about this agreement, let’s go back a few steps.

There are moments when life gives us the impression that we are stagnant and that we are unable to evolve. And, if we are not careful, it is at this moment that our mind begins to create nightmares in ourselves, blocks, etc. I found myself trapped in this type of situation every day. I didn’t feel complete in what to do, I wanted to look for more, I wanted to improve, but I didn’t know-how. I decided to sit down and understand what I could eliminate concerning what hindered me, before trying to add what could help. And because of this elimination, I ended up, on a shorter path, seeing what I needed most.

After that, seeking the common maximum of everything, what stood out among all was the practice. If I want to be more focused, I need to start creating ways to work on my focus. If I want to be smarter, I need to train my intelligence. If I want to drive better, soon I will need to train, improve.

Descending from the main idea to be the practice, we have to start thinking then about the ways that we can create to apply sustainably. If you have in mind that you need to be more focused, then you need to find a way to apply this. For example, whenever I am in the middle of an activity and I feel like doing anything else that is not related, I take a paper and write it down: check if that movie on Netflix is ​​still available. So, in a free moment, I take and zero that list. Silly thing but that works for me.

However, it is important to stress that everything here needs to be built in a way that works for you and not for others. This is a pleasant way of working on my focus. But that may be for you it may not be.

Don’t skip steps, or take steps bigger than legs, grow evolutionary.

These were some of the ideas that I traced and woke up with myself to work on points in my person that I sought to improve. But all of them have a common goal: to share and help people who may be in the same limbo as I have been. That is, apply the golden rule (gold for me in this case), Learn in Public.

The focus is more technological, but I wanted to try to introduce the idea by clarifying that thought. If it was clear? I don’t know, I will change in the future too.

I have already prepared a text to follow this one, so click on the link up there. If you got here it costs nothing to read, but only if you want too =]

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