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re: I started to learn JavaScript a few days ago and I keep hearing about these frameworks, the most common one I keep hearing about repeatedly is Reac...

TL;DR : strategy I followed = cover basics + interview questions, get a job, learn rest on the go. Choice is yours tho.

I was a php dev 1 year before. Took a break for 4 months, learnt basics of JS, Node and Vue, got hired for a reactjs position! Now I'm a full stack dev (react and rails!).

I may not be crazy good these (which is very difficult to become, especially in highly volatile js ecosystem), but brave enough to believe I can make things working with any of these tech. Personally I felt learning speed is much faster when there are deadlines and while working on projects that matters.

I'll highly recommend to follow twitter accounts of devs like dan abramov, where you can get lot of relevant info. Being up to date is critical to survive in JS world IMO. I also follows some sub reddits for webdev, js, react etc. YouTube tutorials of traversy media, academind and net ninja helped me a lot in the initial days.

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