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I started to learn JavaScript a few days ago and I keep hearing about these frameworks, the most common one I keep hearing about repeatedly is React.

Is there any framework that can make my "learning JavaScript" life easier from the start, and then also pay off later or should choosing a framework wait until I've properly learned JavaScript on its own?


So these are specifically React-based frameworks. A framework for a framework shall we say ;)

I would stick doing what you are doing for now - check out - when you get comfortable hacking together little projects then, by all means, check out a framework. I think actually it can make the process easier, but I wouldn't recommend doing so before learning the JS fundamentals.


I personally would try and become an expert in vanilla JavaScript... es5 & es6+. Then learn how to serve it up with Node.js and Express. Then learn about webpack and Babel! 😃😃 It will help you understand moving parts of JavaScript and eventually you should learn React.js library . (not a framework) and then Redux. 👍


Go for vanilla, learn how to manipulate the dom, why jQuery is redundant, learn ES6, array/object methods. Then learn framework that is up to date and people are hiring for knowing it. Frameworks are like cars, everyone argues that certain brand is the best but learning to drive is what matters .


I'm now wondering what the most in-demand (from a hiring / salary perspective) framework is. My goal is to learn enough to get hired but I also want to ensure I have the best salary prospects at the same time. My initial thinking was that "full stack" development must surely be in the highest demand but now I'm thinking it might be smarter to really specialize in pure JavaScript and just one framework.


Don't focus on frameworks, first master vanillaJS, there're thousands of resources out there such as YDKJS by Kyle Simpson or Eloquent JS or flavio copes JS handbook. I suggest buying Traversy Media course on udemy of vanillaJS, after that continue with react then the backend, NODE + Express
Once you got the grasp of 1 framework the rest are the same, IMO they're always trying to reinvent the wheel...

PS:forgot about testing, after Frontend and Backend make projects WITH TESTS, i vouch for jest... in today's market this is a must

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