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Discussion on: What software projects made you "wow" 🤯

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Dan Conn

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was such a thing called IE6 and IE7 which often did not want to play the same as other Jedi browsers, but wanted to play to its own standards, both for CSS and JavaScript.

This made Dan Skywalker sad. Very very sad. Also JavaScript at this time was a very clunky language, and due to this led Dan Skywalker to the wonderful light of back end development, but that's another story.

Fighting JavaScript was very tough for Dan Skywalker, but luckily after a while he found The Force......


It may be considered old hat now, but it was like magic when it first came out. I would argue it was the one thing that rocketed the usage of JavaScript as a language and also stopped a thousand heart attacks caused by cross-browser standards worries.

Still amazing!