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SvelteKit ❤️ Windi CSS


  • @sveltejs/kit: "next" (1.0.0-next.115)
  • vite-plugin-windicss: "^1.0.0" (1.0.4)
  • @sveltejs/adapter-static: "next" (1.0.0-next.13)


  • store using localstorage for theme
  • dark mode correctly before everything get rendered
  • dark mode for Windi typography plugin


Sveltekit ❤️ Windi
Live Demo

Running the project

Clone this repo and cd to the directory, then run npm or yarn

pnpx degit dansvel/sveltekit-windicss myproject ## or npx
cd myproject
pnpm i ## or npm or yarn
pnpm run dev

## to generate static web
pnpm run build
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Top comments (2)

srgeneroso profile image

Not sure if you know of (, he is also sharing some great work with SvelteKit, he made and example of a theme changer with nojs (, I'll try to mix both of your works as I'm in early stages (noobing) of creating a template for basic ecommerces with firebase.

opensas profile image

Hi, I followed your tutorial but I can't seem to override classes, they get applied in alphabetical order instead of in the order specified.

Please have a look at this stack overflow question for an example: and also in this gh issue:


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