Understanding git for real by exploring the .git directory

Pierre on February 25, 2019

“Whoah, I’ve just read this quick tuto about git and oh my god it is cool. I feel now super comfortable using it, and I’m not afraid at a... [Read Full]
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So glad you cross posted this! I actually used to have this as a mandatory reading assignment for students. It’s an excellent post! I definitely learned a lot from it even though I’ve used git for a while.


Wouah, thanks a lot.
Never though something I wrote was mandatory for some students somewhere out there.


I use hooks to avoid commits when there are syntax errors in the code! Amazing article.


Thank you very much. Glad you liked it :)


Excellent explanation Pierre,

The link to part 2 leads to a 404. :(


Damn, thank you David!

This should be fixed.


I am more confident and comfortable now with git. Great article. Thanks much.


Thank you I am glad you liked it. There is more to come soon :)


That's why I prefer Mercurial over Git 9 times of 10 — reading built-in help is just enough for basically anything :)

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