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re: Was that person the only result it returned or did it also return yours? I think the services tries to match multiple possible people given the inf...

I wasn't listed at all. That's the scary part. It listed my business name along with this other person's personal details. If I search for other email addresses I've used in the past, it finds me, but my primary email address from the past 10 years or so displays this entirely different person.

Additionally, the email address in question is @ my own domain name, so there should be absolutely zero confusion, because I'm the only person in the entire world with an email address with this domain.

Wow that's really weird. I'm curious to know what kind of algorithm they use to match people with their emails, and what caused this kind of confusion. It must have been a little frightening to see someone else come up when you search though lol.

The other person has a similar real name, that's it. But anyone building a site like that SHOULD know how common duplicate names are though! hahahahahaaa

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