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Discussion on: #Question - Best Web technology for building a dev Portfolio? Ruby on Rails, React or Angular?

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Daniel P πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ • Edited on

My $0.02 is that you should probably use something that allows you to focus more on content and less on the dev stack and technology. By that I mean, use some static site generator.
The usual suspects (in alphabetical order) here are

And while they use various technologies, ideally that aspect is abstracted, so you're only worried about content, layout and styling. Another thing worth mentioning is the lighthouse score. While it's not the be-all, it is something that you might want to look into as-well, but most here are pretty good in this regard.

One great resource I'd recommend is stackbit This allows you to generate a JAMstack, allowing you to mix and match theme/generoter(limited to hugo, jekyll, and gatsby)/CMS


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Hamza Author

Woww.. The List you provided is Great! Thank you!