#Question - Best Web technology for building a dev Portfolio? Ruby on Rails, React or Angular?

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Hello Awesome Dev community 👨🏻‍💻,
I'm a Freelance Mobile Application developer and I build native apps for Android and iOS. I have limited knowledge of web development and I want to ask what technology would be the best to build a beautiful and professional looking portfolio for a 📱 dev? I want my portfolio site to look beautiful and that's my goal. Which would be easier to learn? I have been coding for over 4-5 years and I wonder what would be best for me. I'm giving myself 1 month to complete this task. Your suggestions and thoughts are very welcome! Thank you! 🌺


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I've no experience with Ruby, but between React and Angular, I think your best bet would be to use React. Angular would probably be overkill for something like a simple portfolio showcasing projects and information about yourself.

The benefit to React is that you aren't influenced to use any specific technologies like you would be with a JS framework like Angular. You have the freedom to use whatever libraries you want, but then you need to learn what those are.

Having said that, writing a basic React app like this would be fairly straight forward. I don't know that you'd need to even worry about learning Redux because state management wouldn't be an issue if your portfolio is meant to be static.


Super Helpful!! Thank you!!


If you're looking to pick up some Javascript/Node skills, I'll give a shoutout to Eleventy (as Daniel mentions). If you want to learn more about Ruby for future use (Rails development as well as other things), I think Bridgetown would be a great choice (and better than Jekyll IMHO). Full disclosure: I'm one of the core maintainers and run a Discord chat to help folks out, so it's a fun community for beginners. Also would recommend a theme based on Bulma CSS which makes it super easy to start with something that looks decent: github.com/whitefusionhq/bulmatown


Thank you!


My $0.02 is that you should probably use something that allows you to focus more on content and less on the dev stack and technology. By that I mean, use some static site generator.
The usual suspects (in alphabetical order) here are

And while they use various technologies, ideally that aspect is abstracted, so you're only worried about content, layout and styling. Another thing worth mentioning is the lighthouse score. While it's not the be-all, it is something that you might want to look into as-well, but most here are pretty good in this regard.

One great resource I'd recommend is stackbit This allows you to generate a JAMstack, allowing you to mix and match theme/generoter(limited to hugo, jekyll, and gatsby)/CMS



Woww.. The List you provided is Great! Thank you!


Actually Svelte is pretty cool. Give it a check to a starter template here -> dev.to/csaltos/sapper-with-materia...


Will do. Thanks!