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Discussion on: How do you stay up to date with the latest developments in tech?

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If you notice that you know less than you initially assume is perfect, you are on the right track, when we start learning something the first stage is that you don't even know what you suck at in that field, so noticing that is a good mark of being in the next stage.

The first thing is to have the right mindset, learn to appreciate the feeling of not knowing something, because most of the time you will be in that place, so you need to feel comfortable and why not excited about the journey ahead of you.

Second, as you already do in programming, break the bigger problem into smaller problems, for example if you want to learn web development and you only know HTML, don't over look the whole roadmap, it's ok to go through it to make a general plan but don't think too much about how many things you don't know and treat that as one big entity, start with CSS, then JS, etc. one problem at a time.

And lastly, as you mention you need information on what's happening in the industry, newsletters, podcasts, looking here on and following people on github/twitter are great things, but in the end the important thing is to get your hands dirty, so for me the ideal scenario is to find a small/medium project that I want to do and try to apply the things I want to learn on that project, but always think if that piece of technology you're using actually solves a problem, not just because it's trendy.

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Josefine Schfr Author

Thanks for sharing this, I feel like a solution oriented approach will make it a lot easier to apply and understand abstract concepts in the long run!

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