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How to publish a post pulled in via RSS feed

I like what is doing and want to move my content over here. This post on Publishing RSS feed to helped me get going. However, after the posts were imported and showed up, I couldn't at first find out how to actually publish them:

Alt Text

Clicking on the article just gives you a chance to edit it, but there is no button to Publish as when you create a new post on

The solution is easy once you know it :)

Click on Draft to enter the edit screen. It will show you something like this at the top of your text:

title: "All you need for working with Python 3 on a Mac"
published: false
date: 2018-09-08 18:50:16 UTC
tags: beginnercoding,setup,beginnersguide,python
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To publish, all you need to do is change:
published: false to published: true

Save, and your syndicated post is live on :)

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Ted Petrou

Thank you very much for this!

tbonesteaks profile image

Thank you! I was so lost.

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