Comment from a deleted article or podcast

I've been playing a lot of Overwatch the past couple of years! I don't usually play with friends because all of them play in console and there is no cross-platform support :( It is fun still. If you're looking someone to play with here is my Battle tag: MEXshredder#2830

I tried Apex Legends recently, but same thing, no cross-platform support so don't have anyone to play with and, at least for me, that's a game somehow boring when solo queueing.

Past december I tried Into the Breach and wow, it's a really good game! It's a turn-based strategy game that you play in a small grid. The mechanics are really interesting and even though the game is short, it has a lot of replayability ♻️

Right now I'm considering Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I tried the past game of the series and it was amazing! This one has great reviews too.

Lastly, I convinced a friend to buy Age of Empires II HD and we play from time to time just to remind us of our college time.