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6 + 1 Free Django tutorials for beginners

You have just finished the Django poll tutorial, and you don't know what should be your next step? Or are you looking for inspiration to improve your recently acquired Django skills?

Don't you worry, as I've listed down the best Django tutorials I have found when I was still learning. Here they are:

A proper blog, by Corey Schafer

Django tutorials for beginners - Corey Schafer

Yes, we know there are a lot of Django tutorials focused on blogs. But this one does it professionally. Deploying, AWS, enabling SSL certifications, users management, etc.

Start here:

Customer management app, by Dennis Ivy

Django tutorials for beginners - Dennis Ivy

Build a Customer management app from scratch. Manage customer information, orders, multi-parameter filtering, authentication, password reset, role permission, etc. Pretty neat.

Ecommerce Website with Django and Stripe, by JustDjango

With Django we can do things that are cool, but also profitable. Check this tutorial to learn how to create an Ecommerce Website with Django, using Stripe as a payment platform.

Refunds, discount codes, creating and deleting items. Everything!

Twitter-like app with Django and React, by CodingEntrepreneurs

If just using Django (and maybe even Bootstrap!) feels a bit short or clunky, you can take up a notch and merge Django with React to create a great Twitter-like App.

Ecommerce Website with Django and React, by JustDjango

An improvement from the previous Ecommerce Website, now using React too.

Django Chat application, by JustDjango

This one is a bit more advanced. Here, we are using Django Channels to provide your Django project with WebSockets to update our website in real-time.

Django Full course, by FreeCodeCamp

Did you get excited by seeing the projects but you don't know Django and want to start? For the very beginners, I have an (almost) 4 hours crash course, so you can start right now:

My Youtube tutorial videos

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