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Discussion on: F# is Pretty Cool

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Dax Fohl

A bit of experience using ClojureCLR several years ago. I had mostly .Net experience at the time and wanted to explore so tried it out. I created some WinForms and Console apps, successfully passing stuff to and from C# code. I can't say there were any glaring problems with it, but eventually it was obvious that .Net was a 2nd class platform. Just, tooling wasn't there, so I just moved to the Java ecosystem instead. F# is a lot tighter with .Net of course. (Though I'm surprised nobody ever did a JVM port!) I ended up settling on F# as my go-to: after just not being able to refactor in Clojure due to lack of type safety, I did some complete rewrites of fairly large Compojure apps to Suave, and never looked back.

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Ben Lovy Author

That makes a lot of sense - I have a feeling spending more time with F# is the answer for me as well