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re: Which subreddits do you post to? I've always been super intimidated by posting there!

I usually just post to r/reactjs because most of my posts are on React and related stuff.

It IS intimidating. It still is for me, but it was much scarier in the beginning. On top of that, some subreddits are just not very friendly. r/programming and r/javascript come to mind... I tend to avoid those :)

I think the key, and what helped me, was to become active in the community before posting anything. It helped build up my own confidence, and also build up some reputation.

I'd reply to comments, answer questions (without linking out to my own stuff right out the gate), and after a little while, work in links to my posts when it was relevant. I try to write a helpful reply, and if I've got a related post, end the comment with "If you want more detail, I've written about this [here]". And once you've got some trust built up it's much less intimidating to post your own links to the subreddit, and they're more likely to be accepting.

It varies by subreddit too. Some are less friendly, some really hate links to your own stuff... but some are very accepting of it. Figuring out that vibe is another good reason to hang out and interact wherever you think you could help. And not just for Reddit of course :)

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