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re: Thank you for the kind words and yes, I'll surely implement that functioning soon. Firstly the idea was to have a working project and modifications...

yup! that is what you should do, start and build off of it! Keep it going. looks great. Would you take a look at my site and let me know your thoughts as well?

With pleasure, I'd like to present my answer in bullets,
● You might want to work on the navigation bar ,on mobile the title and the dropdown sign(I don't know what to call it) don't come in the same row . So try to make them come in the same row so that it doesn't feel a little bit off.
● align the inputs for hex and rgb on the center for mobile
● Use bullets when referencing each site so that the look and feel become better.
● On the page chuck Norris ,the button gets behind the heading, you might want to work on it too.
Overall the page is cool and looks good, I loved the about part though, 10/10 for about page, there are so much tools on your website, will use them one day for sure.

Awesome advice, thank you! I agree on those and will apply

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