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Discussion on: Hand and wrist pain?

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Give you wrist breaks. I know this sounds like a "duh, stupid" type of comment, but I mean it. Give it a rest when you can.

Stretching helps a lot as well. Check out these for a few ideas.

Also make sure you research on the proper positioning for your hands, arms, and the way you sit. It all matters. I had horrible wrist and back pain for months. I had a professional come check my posture and they let me know all of those things matter. Once I fix my posture, it healed me up!

There are some good guides out there but honestly not everyone is the same is the only reason I'm not going to point you to the guides I've seen.

For example, I was told it was my flat apple keyboard but when I switched to an ergonomic keyboard, my wrist pain tripled. I went back and it stopped, adjusted my seating height and starting sitting straight and the pain went away.