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re: PHP Laravel Vue React ReactNative (learning) Node (CLI tool with Oclif) Sass (scss) Git Webpack

just spent last 20 minutes looking over Oclif. Looks pretty cool! What have you built with it?


Hey DeChamp!
A tool to transform vue I18N json files (which old multiple languages) to per language files and then upload them to Lokalise.
And the reverse, download translations from Lokalise, re-pack them to vue I18N files and putting them in place.
Used Oclif since we plan on having other commands unrelated to the above and it gives you a lot of features and structure out-of-the-box.
Also looked into vorpal but its latest commit was too old so felt it could be abandoned. Vorpal has a cool feature of running in a sub-console.
Oclif being backed by Heroku gave us confidence in it not going dead soon.

That is awesome. Ya i'll have to get deeper in to it.

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