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Me too. Glad I wasn't the only one left a bit uncomfortable there. The author doesn't spend even a moment discussing the ethical gravity - and to be fair, I'm not sure how quickly I'd process a midnight call from the NSA either. But glossing over it in the post-mortem is odd, for sure.


But glossing over it in the post-mortem is odd, for sure.

You're right, I didn't think about this. Why are you not writing a more comprehensive article about something like this 18 years later? It seems like he just wanted pats on the back for doing a good thing but he totally didn't expect the backlash on the various aggregating sites knowingly full well how the perspective around helping government agencies breaking into people's computers has changed.

By reading his response in the comments section it seems like he was fine ethically. Again, it was a different time.


Agreed, that's how I read it too. It was jarring because as a result of that changed climate I had originally clicked the article expecting an interesting discussion about this exact moral quandary, and instead it wasn't even mentioned in passing.

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