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Discussion on: The Trials and Tribulations of actix-web and the OSS community

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Ben Lovy Author • Edited on

Yes, Rocket was what drew me to Rust, and Nightly is what drew me away from Rocket. It felt crazy to me at the time, quality of the framework aside. That's why I hopped to actix-web the moment I heard about it - similar functionality but stable rust, and this whole cool Actor idea to boot, which isn't really relevant anymore.

ecosystem of choice is Go,

That's the thing about Go I liked. The standard library gets you way further than you expect. I should give it another shot someday.

... favour hype and speed over maintainability and community

This is rough, because actix-web was specifically a situation which I had hoped was avoiding all this, and headed towards the latter two. I guess it remains to be see how it all shakes out - meanwhile I'll do my servers in something else with an eye on tide once async/await stabilizes. I think that's as close to the Go-style stable standard way of doing things as we'll get for a while, and it looks pretty good...but relying on a language feature that hasn't even landed yet means we're a ways away from anything robust.