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Discussion on: What is the best language for scripting?

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Ben Lovy

I've had a surprisingly lovely experience with ClojureScript, using lumo or planck. It's a great language for small automation tasks, robust built-in library, easy to extend and maintain, runs quick enough for me when using these solutions (JVM Clojure is too heavy for this). In terms of expressivity, if you know Clojure, it's second to none. If you don't though, it's not easy to read, so if your scripts need to be shared around a lot it might not be the best choice either. It's definitely a niche tool, so you're largely on your own for support. For personal use, though, I haven't found a better experience.

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Victor Osório Author

Clojure as scripting... Oh my God!!! I need to learn more clojure. We usually use the language we already know.

In the company that I work, we have a proprietary language that is optimized for speed... The have some process with that language + python + bash. It is horrible to make any change!