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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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Ben Lovy Author

Ecologically irresponsible??

Yeah, this was not really a valid point, I regret adding it to the post because it's not actually an issue for me and ended up being distracting here.

whole system rebuilds "repeatedly"

Also a wording problem - I don't mean to say that every world update rebuilds my whole system, but over the course of, say, a year, a decent chunk of it will rebuild for (almost) no reason. It's a valid point that that may not be a real problem at all.

It shines when you know what you need

That's precisely it. I don't, actually, I just pretend to, and it's mostly been working for me as a hobbyist. It's becoming a roadblock as I start to do more serious work and collaborate with others on my path towards professional, and I am spending too much cognitive energy "translating" Debian stuff to Gentoo. I'm interesting in software engineering for now, not necessarily Linux administration, and I want to be able to just use the exact same workflow as most other people for now. I'll probably come back some time, but for now that's not a good use of my time or energy.

seriously hampered in your ability to tinker with the system!

Again, it's an impulse control problem, not an inherent Gentoo problem, but that's what I want right now. I don't actually have needs beyond the basics, and run into problems trying to do things off the beaten path.

I do generally agree that stable Gentoo is rock solid, and I will likely be back after some time. I plan to continue running it on my Pi home server for that reason - it's static.

In short, my problem is a human one - with me - not a technical one with Gentoo.

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Philippe Baril Lecavalier

That's precisely it. I don't, actually, I just pretend to [know what you need]

a.k.a. software engineering!! Mandatory xkcd.

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Ben Lovy Author

Hah, exactly :)