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Discussion on: What about TypeScript?

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Ben Lovy

Useful? In my opinion, yes in a general sense. More objectively, probably most useful in large codebases.

Gonna be around a while? Likely. It's got the full force of Microsoft behind it, and is already a standard in the industry - Angular, VS Code, etc.

Tried and went back to JS? Nope, quite the opposite for me - tried and now hate having to go without it. It's addictive, but I'm a static types kinda guy, YMMV.

What's great is that it's a superset, everything you learned about JavaScript (especially ES6) still applies to TS, and a lot of what you learn moving forward with TS will still apply back to JS, except for the fancy type stuff. It may even push you towards different (hopefully better) vanilla JS patterns as you get used to typing your code. You're a C++ guy, though, so you'll feel familiar quickly.

It's also gradual - you don't need to type your whole code base at once. You can cheat with any. To me, TS over JS pretty much just a pro, the only con is that it is a new set of tools and config settings to learn but it's really not that bad.