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Hey guysss how are you all? How its all going on there?I hope going well.
Its my FIRST POST in this,I am very excited to write my first post..
Soooo guyss I am still in learning stage of web and software devolepment..
I started learning web development 1 month ago.Its very very interesting
though covering tech like html,css,javascript.

You know learning is a continuos process of acquiring knowledge.HTML gives content of webpages,css makes styling to webpages and javascript makes interactive with others.I learn new tags as going through deep in html ex:marquee tag which the content in it is movable,div tags,section tags..And In CSS some functions like FLOAT,DISPLAY,TRANSITION,TRANSFORM,HOVER... makes us interesing in learning this concepts.And I like validations part in js uses regular expression in it.I wanna be FULL STACK DEVOLEPOR.In future I will learn nodejs,reactjs,flutter,angularjs,ruby on rails....

And with this I also interested in cyber security.Mostly kali linux and paroot os are Operating System used for security walls and to be hidden.Just I used this Operating System couple of days thats it.My favourite in that is ANONSURF used to hidden our IP address.As soon as we ON it,changes our IP address.Just I know linux commands in linux terminal.

SOON I will post my First simple project on front end web devolepment. I am gonna wind it up now thats it..

Every day try to learn something.

                  BYEE GUYSSSSS....SEE YOU SOON......
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