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Denise Pen on January 14, 2019

Like all javascript programmers I will frequently throw a console.log into my code. I find it so much faster to log to the console than to deal w... [Read Full]
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console.table is indeed a great tool to display data. Just to add, I find that console.dir is an underrated and often misunderstood method of the Console API. It's quite useful when you not only want to see the value of, let's say, a string but also its properties and methods.

Also, for those interested, these posts give great tips on how to better debug your code.


Nice article! I am trying to include also an array inside the object but when it logs it gets appended and breaks the beauty of the table.

Without the array

Table Formatted

With the array

Table with issues


@umaar is a whiz when it comes to DevTools. You should give him a follow. He also has a great newsletter for DevTools tips,

You should ask @umaar if he'd be up for an AMA. He's a dev tools guru. I signed up for his last year and it's🔥💯

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